Global Grilling: Cooking meat all over the world! June 2, 2016

Summer heat is here! It’s time to get out those summer shoes and put up a string of quality lights in the backyard. Things are blooming, the windows are open. Summer is one of the best things ever. In more northern climates with long, dark winters summer is the time of year that we all learn to spend more time outside. Things start to look up really. Birds start singing us wakeup songs as the sun dawns over the coast. Fresh dew forms on the grass outside and the cool night air willows away into a hot, humid summer day. Not all places are like this. Tropical places rarely get cold. It’s hot all night, and the evening sky is surrounded by sounds of exotic animals like tropical birds and howler monkeys. Other places around the world are known for warm summer days and barbecues as well. Australia has a strong grilling culture- there’s a well known saying describing such an interest. Shrimp on the barbie, eh bru? There are a lot of different styles of barbecues for grilling different types of meat- there are bbq for camel steaks and bbq’s for chicken. Both are delicious. I know this information on grill reviews isn’t incredibly useful, but I prefer to share it anyways.

Outdoor time is a part of culture that is not appreciated enough. We all spend enough time inside staring at computers already- we get home and watch netflix on tv. Having some time to spend by a campfire- separate yourself from all the stresses that come with a work phone, constant email updates, and all that technological baggage that keeps you down. Take up a summer only, outdoor activity for the season. Popular options are golfing, tennis, elephant polo, and Jai Alihi. These outdoor, physical activities are a good way to take a bit of time to yourself and make sure you keep your mind and body active. This is also a great time to have some friends over. Barbecues in the summer are a good way to keep yourself fit and happy. Bring over a case of beer, some steaks, asparagus drizled in olive oil, and throw it together in a mishmash of bbq glory. I have spent some time trying to figure out what is the best gas bbq on the market right now is, and to be honest I haven’t come to a solid conclusion yet.

My Reviews On Products And Appliances May 27, 2016

bbqWelcome to my blog,  This is the place to find reviews on products, appliances, furniture, and more!  I love testing out new things, especially appliances, because they are such a household staple.  I would never want to purchase something that wasn’t of the best quality.  I need my products to be reliable, durable, and amazing looking.  Who wants an ugly toaster on their kitchen counter?  No one!

My focus is to provide my readers with knowledge on where to find beautiful and reliable appliances without having to do a ton of research.  I’ll do the research for you instead!

Along with appliances, I also love to do reviews on furniture.  Obviously, this will be less because I’m not a millionaire and can’t try out 5 different mattresses in one week (I could technically in store, but they’ll probably kick me out after the first day).  I hope my reviews will help you make decisions on what to purchase!